Return of the Blogger

Hey all,

Just a brief message post-election. I know I sort of disappeared in the last several months. The election was rough on all of us, and I was volunteering for a campaign as well as navigating some more difficult life things.

But I also have been facing an internal dilemma about whether to retain this blog and even whether to retain my social media presence at all. Is there value to posting my thoughts online? Am I actually contributing to the world or am I joining a larger and larger echo chamber? Are my blogposts detracting from more important articles and posts I could be promoting or more important work I could be doing?  In this election it has become increasingly clear that the world– internet, cell phones, websites, and mail– is now cluttered with information. I don’t like the idea that I might be adding to the mess.

Then there is the question of what I am doing with this blog. Starting this blog was a project encouraged by several good friends and intellectual partners. But now that the project is several years in, I am wondering where my next step is: What does success at this look like? My blog posts are abstract, intellectual, and long… should I submit to the game of writing quick click-baity things with catchy headlines in order to get more readers and followers? Or should I write the pieces I want to write and share the thoughts I want to think? How else could I be developing and implementing my ideas?

I have at least one more blog post up my sleeve– a reflection on this election and the value that no one seems to be talking about. I will try to have it up by the weekend.

In the meantime, happy Thanksgiving! And please know how grateful I am to you for reading all my thoughts these past years.


With love.


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